We are drone automation & airspace security specialists providing turn-key planning, risk management and implementation services.

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automated drone & airspace security solutions


Skylock is an autonomous drone and airspace security solutions provider with offices based in London, United Kingdom and Vancouver, Canada.


Drone technology is being used to revolutionize industries across the world from agriculture, security, industrial inspections, surveying and many others.


As drone technology becomes more accessible and continues to experience ever-increasing rates of adoption, it is critical for organizations of all sizes to be prepared and capable of managing their airspace.

autonomous drones

intelligent flight planning & automated charging

Drone in-air operating time has historically been limited by battery capacity. However, the advent of automated docking and re-charging stations has enabled an entirely new application of drones in industries ranging from agriculture to construction and security.

Skylock acts as trusted advisor, providing complete end-to-end solutions including planning, audit, requirements gathering, risk management and solutions architecture.

Skylock partners with the best drone technology companies in the world to enable its clients with best-in-class hardware and software solutions.

airspace security

detection & countermeasures

Protecting an Airspace from drones is a 3 step process


Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

Advanced RF and Wifi sensors are used to identify exact Drone profiles, enabling instant “friend vs. foe” identification, providing complete airspace visibility.


Situational Awareness and Process

Positive threat identification triggers defensive processes, including drone flight path analysis & projection, and locating & prosecution of drone pilot.


Adapt to Dissolve the Threat

Integration with security protocols enables wide range of rapid response scenarios including relocation of high value assets, use of flood lights, and disabling and commandeering a landed drone. Automatic data collection provides forensic evidence to enable legal prosecution.

case study

take proactive anti-drone measures

Stadium operators and sports teams from across the globe not only want to protect their athletes, performers and spectators, but also want to ensure footage captured from drone cameras do not breach broadcast contracts or copyrights. Sports organizations such as the New York Mets and their home stadium, Citi Field, understand these risks and have taken proactive measures to secure their airspace.

A drone near a stadium may be innocuous – simply a hobbyist flying around during a tailgate, or searching for a foul ball – but when stadium and arena operators are responsible for the safety of thousands of lives at each event, they can no longer operate without understanding the risks drones pose to their airspace.


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